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Nicole D. Recovery Story

As National Recovery Month approaches in September, Nicole D’SettÄ“mi plans to release a fictional memoir, based on true events, in an attempt to expose the reality about the approach to a healthy and successful recovery from drug addiction. Her focal point of this novel however, is not to uncover the initial phase in recovery. Unlike many memoirs that highlight the struggle of attempting rehabilitation from the beginning, Addictarium approaches the battle from a completely new and different angle.

Addictarium is the hauntingly candid memoir, based on her time spent in New York City’s notorious therapeutic community, Daytop Village. The tale provides the realistic struggle of an addict following the first year of recovery, and boldly goes to an entirely new level, in this chilling novel.

More than an inspirational tale of redemption, Addictarium focuses on the dis-ordered personality, and emotionally-disrupted core of the addict, interlaced with a brightly shed light on government-funded recovery centers, and the corruption that often takes place for those situated in facilities recovering on the county’s capital. The novel also puts into perspective, a very strong examination on addictive behaviors inter-woven with human relationships.

Danielle Martino; the protagonist, begins her narrative as an ominous, profane, creative, nomadic wild-child, with a nihilistic attitude, which she eventually learns to accept is part of the root of her dysfunction. Recovering from a fungal infection that causes her to go partially blind from shooting a bad bag of heroin, her fight for sobriety is initiated, as she flees from South Florida on a greyhound bus into Manhattan, and is subsequently admitted into Bellevue Hospital with hopes of restoring her vision, and finally to rehabilitate and to conquer her addiction.

Nicole has been in recovery for 6 years! Check out her book Addictarium on the addiction recovery and read more recovery stories on our Stories of Recovery page or submit your own story here.