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Michael D. Recovery Story


My name is Mike Davis and I’m a broken, grace-filled recovering person. I was probably the most helpless, hopeless person that every went through the program of recovery. I was forced into treatment by the Broward County Department of Corrections in January 2011. I entered Spectrum Programs with heart full of hate and mind full distortions. My plan was to get clean and sell pills successfully without using. God had another plan. Through treatment, I discovered who I was, and who I was pretending to be. After treatment I thought I was cured. My therapist recommended me to go to a halfway house and my probation officer agreed that I would have to go.

Unwillingly I went to St. Francis Community, as a part of my continuum of care. I attended IOP at spectrum for 4 more weeks and was told I had to go to “the rooms” for recovery. I didn’t go right away because I thought “the rooms” were for really bad junkies that were homeless. So a couple guys invited me to the 101 club and I attended my first meeting. While I was outside this old guy came up to me and offered me a seat in the front of the speaker. The old guy I knew, he would bring a meeting into Spectrum and I would make fun of him because it was a Friday night and he would be there!

After that night I asked him to be my sponsor. He took me through the steps slowly. Helped show me how to be a man of integrity and accountability. A couple months later, I finally found a purpose in my life. I began to sponsor other young, wild, misguided youths like myself. My sponsor told me to chase my dreams, and I wanted to be able to help others like my therapist helped me. In 2013 I became A Florida Certified Addictions Specialist and in 2015 a Florida Certified Addictions Counselor. I currently work at United Recovery Project as a Primary Clinician. All by the Grace of God, A Sponsor and The Fellowship that never judged me and always told me to keep coming back.

– Michael Davis

Mike has been sober since 2011 making him 5 1/2 years clean!¬†Read more recovery stories like Mike’s on our Stories of Recovery page or submit your own¬†story here.