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Kristen S. Recovery Story


Kristen S.

I am a woman in long term recovery from alcohol and drugs. I thought that after 23 years of abuse, there was no hope for me but that all changed when I came to South Florida from NJ to begin my journey of recovery. I came to treatment because every bridge was burned and my calls were not being answered anymore and I had nowhere else to go. When I came here and heard how people’s lives had changed because they took a few simple suggestions, I had hope.

One day at a time I followed those suggestions and my life got better. I now have the pleasure and honor of helping others daily, not only in my career but in a 12 Step fellowship. Today I can honestly say that I am becoming the woman I was intended to be, an honest woman of integrity and passion for helping the sick and suffering.

There are so many people who need and deserve the opportunity that I was given and my prayer is that through events like this, advocacy and legislature, everyone who wants recovery can receive the tools they need. I am also the sister of a brother in long term recovery because of my gift, I was able to be an example to him and guide him with the help of others to where he needed to go to start his journey!

-Kristen S.

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